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Quality Prints For Framing

After over a year of experimentation and research, SendAFrame chose Kodak in 2001 to be our exclusive provider of equipment and supplies for production of your prints from digital images.  We are proud that they have accepted us, in return, as a Kodak Professional Partner.

Our inhouse Kodak® certified lab is where we produce all of your work.  Trained technicians analyze every image we process to achieve maximum quality print results in color correctness and balance.  Called "thermography", Kodak's print process achieves dynamic color composition with great depth and vibrancy.

There are other systems available that produce photos from digital files, but none we thought came close to the rich, warm color tones and the archival properties your custom prints from SendAFrame will enjoy.  All Kodak prints have a minimum 50 year color-fast guarantee.

We also found the Kodak prints to be superior for resistance to humidity and temperature.

Photos DO NOT LEAVE SendAFrame's lab with red-eye, poor angle adjustment, or any other simple yet annoying touch-ups being done (unless you tell us you want it that way - we do work for a lot of professionals with specific requests!).  Please do not hesitate to make your requests known in the note box attached to your order.

These are not 1-hour "cheap" prints, nor are they "ink-jet" prints on simple photo paper.   If your image is an adequate resolution and you are not enlarging beyond the range of pixel adequacy (check SendAFrame's online guide for your particular images), we know you will find our prints to be comparable to the custom print services you find at professional camera shops.

Important: Your image is shown online in frames for your browsing purposes only. They are not always shown to scale. Your images will be cropped and re-touched by a certified graphic artist of our art department to enhance the frame(s) you select. If your project is of a critical natural, you must give us special instructions as to how you need your finished project to look. We will make every effort to accommodate your request, including a B&W first proof if requested. Where no instructions have been given, in all cases the decision of the art department must be final. Thank you for your understanding so that we can keep our prices very competitive.

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Print Pricing

Print Pricing Schedule

  4" x 6" ...... $2.50
  5" x 7" ...... $3.95 ea
  8" x 10" .... $6.50 ea

Your print is always 1/2 price (or more) with all frame purchases on a 1-for-1 basis.

Other sizes (between ¼"x¼" and 8"x10") produced upon request. Prices will be within these ranges - never a handling or surcharge.  Please inquire via email to

All prints include professional touch-up and modification (if desired). These are not "quick" photos - they are all individually processed by certified graphic artist to insure the highest level of color correctness and crispness possible from your digital file.

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