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SendAFrame Help & FAQs

Acid Free

Acid free framing materials are pH neutral and will not emit harmful chemicals that may damage your artwork over time. See Archival and Conservation Framing.

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Archival products differ from acid free in that they actually help absorb acids that may be emitted from your artwork onto the mat and other materials.

Archival products protect your artwork against pollution damage and slow the degradation of works on paper.

Any product labeled “ArtCare” by Nielsen Bainbridge is truly archival. We carry the Alpharag and AlphaEssentials in our CustomCut department and the COMPLETE line of Nielsen Bainbridge archival products in our READY MADE FRAME department.

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Blind Embossing

"Blind Embossed" is the same process as hot stamp embossing, but no color is used.
Think "designer logo on a leather bag"

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Color Calibration

Most computer monitors have never been correctly calibrated for color, which means that the color you see online may not be exactly matched to the product itself. When mat board and frame colors are critical, let us know, and we’ll send free samples of your choice for your confirmation. When printing fine art or photography, you may first want to order a proof on the paper or canvas of your choice to check how colors appear from your digital file before printing your final piece.

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Customer Service

SendAFrame is a FULL SERVICE company, specializing in the products and factory relationships you see on our webstore

If you have a question or concern, our LIVE HELP is open Mon-Sa, 8:30am-5:30pm.  Look for the "Operator" box on any page of our webstore to chat with a U.S. based employee of our company..

Or email us anytime at

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Float is a frame type where the art work is placed under glass - directly against a larger base/mounting surface.  The art then appears to “float” within the frame.

Often the base is a 2nd glass lens - so that you can actually see through the double glass "sandwich" and art appears to be "floating" in air.

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An industry term to describe the clear glass or acrylic (plexi-glass) used in picture framing.

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Plexi-glas (acrylic lens)

What did we see in our acrylic sheets that makes them the number one option for protecting your artwork?

Well, one thing we didn’t see was distortion. In addition, Plexiglas for picture frames eliminates the risk of shattered glass and is much lighter-weight, which means less stress on your hanging hardware – and your nerves.

We use Plexiglas - available in 3 different quality levels - for all our CustomCut product.

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Rabbet (R value)

The inner channel of the frame which holds the picture and any framing materials. It is important to make sure that the frame you choose is deep enough for the materials you are putting into it. Profile information is featured with each frame on our website and in our catalog. When in doubt, just ask.

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Window (aka Mat Opening)

The opening in the mat board which allows you to view the picture underneath.

We offer thousands of Ready-Made frames with factory done cut mats.

All windows in our Custom-Cut department are made to your artwork size, less the overlap. We routinely cut squares, circles, and arches.

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Wood splines

Wood frame spline


A spline is a strip of wood inserted into matching grooves along the edge joint of two frame moulding boards. 

Merely using a staple or glue on mitered corners may seem good enough but over time as the width of the wood expands and contracts with the seasons the joints will eventually break. That's why splines are the preferred crafting technique for quality frames.

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