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SendAFrame Help & FAQs

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs (per destination) and arrival times are:

SuperSaver:  no more than 6 business days. This level is free for all orders over $69 per delivery address.

4-6 business days, but might be less one of our 5 warehouses is near you!

$8.95 1st item/set (discounted from $9.50-$14.85); $2.95 each additional item/set; $3.95 1st print; $0.25 for each additional print. Prints at this level are shipped via the USPS, priority mail.

Extra-large/oversized items may have a nominal ground surcharge added to cover FedEx additional fees.  These items will be noted by not having AIR option availability.

This is not a guaranteed delivery date option however. At the discretion of the carrier, delivery may extend up to 8 business days for rural areas or outside the US 48 States. SendAFrame will make every effort to advise of upcoming conditions.

3-day guaranteed: Three business days (or less) by 16:30 (19:00 in some areas), guaranteed, usually by air, when ordered before 5pm EST, excluding holidays. $12.95 1st item/set (discounted from $16.75-$22.80); $8.95 each additional item/set.

2-day guaranteed: Two business days (or less) by 16:30 (19:00 in some areas), guaranteed, usually by air, when ordered before 5pm EST, excluding holidays. $24.95 1st item/set (discounted from $25.45-$29.75); $8.95 each additional item/set.

Next Business Day guaranteed: Next business day (but not Saturday) by 16:30 (19:00 in some areas), guaranteed, usually by air, when ordered before 5pm EST, excluding holidays. $36.95 1st item/set (discounted from $38.50-$45.50); $14.95 each additional item/set.

Next Business Day AM Priority: Next business morning (but not Saturday), usually by 10:30, when ordered before 5pm EST, excluding holidays. (not available to all locations) $65.95 1st item (discounted from $85.00 - $78.00); $12.95 each additional item. This is a very expensive routing method. Although not more difficult to us, the cost is the FedEx charge to have a special courier make the run to your location. Please reserve this method for "need to have" situations only.

Saturday delivery: If you are ordering on a Friday and would like Saturday delivery, this is an available option to many US cities. It is pricey (think: "courier going to your house" !) - and we only pass along the surcharge to your order. Please choose Saturday delivery only if it is Friday and you are needing next day delivery. We will confirm shipping by 7pm on Friday via email.

Please note: SendAFrame never charges for handling. Super handling of your important purchase is why you continue to have confidence in us. We believe the freight charges are as close (or below) and fair to our cost as we can approximate in our automated shopping cart. If you believe otherwise, please note this in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS upon checkout and we will re-examine your charge against the actual expense.

It is impossible for us to exactly quote the actual shipping costs, but we never want you to pay more than actual cost. We do not make any money on shipping charges. If you have your own FedEx account #, we will be pleased to use it for your shipment and have FedEX direct-bill you. Indicate this when you choose a shipping choice. You then won't have any shipping charge from SendAFrame - your charge will be billed by FedEx directly and you pay them directly.

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What is your Return Policy?

We have a simple "you can return any stock, off the shelf items, for any reason, within 30 days of delivery for a full merchandise value refund"

There are some exclusions - such as merchandise that has been engraved and special order items.

So our full return policy is in our HELP section (Link on Top of Homepage)


Is there something in particular you want to know about?

Contact our Customer Service with the LIVE HELP links on every store page.


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Catalog request

In the past 4 years, we found it smarter to NOT print a catalog. It seems as if the internet was invented for an inventory of picture frames like ours. We inventory over 10.600 picture frame and photo album styles on our website. We strive to keep everything in-stock so we can ship same-day.

As you may have seen, we carry picture frames and photo albums in most popular material and style categories. Additionally, we specialize in stocking hard-to-find pieces.

Our old method of printing catalogs would never be able to keep up!

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SendAFrame passwords must be at least 4 characters and at most 16 characters.

It is recommended that you randomly insert a number to ensure that others cannot guess your password.

Also, try to avoid common words or words associated to you like a repeat of your name or your birthday.

Forget your password?  Click the LOGIN button and have it emailed to you.

Worried about password usage?  Please don't worry on SendAFrame.  We don't store ANY credit card information anywhere on our computers.

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Cookie Problems

You are probably reading this because you have had problems viewing pictures or logging into We believe this is because you do not have "Cookies Enabled" as a preference of your web browser.

Cookies are little pieces of computer code that we (and most internet sites!) transfer to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser. Cookies make it possible for us to recognize your browser when you re-visit. By doing this, we can personalize your return visits and save you time during checkout. In order to enjoy the benefits of being a registered user, your browser must be set to accept cookies. Usually this is your default setting, but not necessarily.

To see or change how cookies are handled on your browser, go into the settings usually titled "Preferences" and look for the "Cookies" settings. There you will need to "enable" cookies.Hotbar, Safari and Yahoo Companion (or YComp) are among the add-ons known to interfere with "cookies." Other programs that may cause problems include so-called security packages and settings that promise to eradicate from your computer all traces of every Web site you visit. We strongly recommend that you avoid all such software and settings. Not only do they interfere with legitimate "cookie" functions, such as those needed to visit this site. In some cases, particularly with such things as Hotbar, these add-ons can function as "spyware," silently gathering information about you and disseminating it to various marketing companies. If the problem persists uninstall any add-on software you may have installed.

Many customers have told us that enabling cookies cleared-up lots of problems they have encountered while browsing the internet - but didn't know how to correct the problems!

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Trouble Seeing Shared Online Photo Albums

The most common reason we find that users can't see friends' albums is that the friend never properly shared the album with them!

Owners of online albums must use the SHARE ALBUM tool to insert the email addresses of people they would like to have see their photos. An invitation is created and sent - giving them access.


A 2nd cause of problems is that the Owner entered an incorrectly spelled email address for their friend. Always check to see that email addresses are spelled correctly.

You can also see albums that have been shared with you through your own account.

Log-in to (become a member if you aren't already - its free and no risk!) goto PHOTO STUDIO ALBUMS / FRIENDS' ALBUMS

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Pop-up Windows on SAF

In order to use SendAFrame effectively, any pop-up window blocking software or options in your browser must be disabled while shopping on this site only. Without pop-up windows, many of the features will not work well and can lead to a confusing shopping experience.

Not to worry, we do not sell pop-up ad space to any third-parties. All pop-up windows on SendAFrame are strictly used for the purpose of adding features and ease to your experience.

Who this applies to

  • users of AOL 10.0
  • users of Apple`s Safari browser
  • users of any pop-up blocking software

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Problems logging in to SendAFrame

Below are the most common reasons we have found that customers may have trouble logging in to our site:

  • Your browser is not enabled to accept cookies. Please verify that Cookies are enabled and attempt to log in again
  • Your computer has a third-party add-on program interfering with the transmission of cookies. Among the known add-ons are programs such as Hotbar and Yahoo Companion (or YComp). Please disable any add-on programs and attempt to log in again
  • The cookie file on your computer which we require interaction with has become corrupt. To fix this please: 

    • use your browser's PREFERENCE area (sometimes labelled OPTIONS) to find the cookie labelled as ""
    • delete it,  and then
    • attempt to log in again

If you continue to have problems placing your order online, please visit our LIVE HELP center from any page on our webstore. Look for the BLUE BOX with the operator inside. Staffed by US employee representatives, SendAFrame's customer service department is available for your questions during all business hours - and then some!

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