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SAF REWARDS Program for friends & family

Every time someone you refer to SendAFrame places an order, you earn valuable SAF Reward Points - good for anything on

As a customer of SendAFrame, you are automatically enrolled in an "SAF Rewards Account."

Whenever you refer someone to SendAFrame, ask them to enter your email address as the way they heard 

about us. Their account becomes linked to yours. All behind the scene; your reward.

Each time your friend has activity on SendAFrame, your account is automatically awarded points based upon their order's value.

Wait - there's more!

As your friends tell their friends, YOU earn more!  That's because our powerful software tracks up to 6 levels of SAF Rewards. Every time your linked friend refers someone, and they refer someone.... and so on ... your account is credited with SAF Rewards..

You can view your reward activity at the YOUR ACCOUNT >>> POINTS & CREDITS section when you are logged-in.

Sound like fun? You bet!  Its all because we would rather reward our loyal customers than pay for fancy and (often wasteful) advertising. Rewarding your loyalty is our pleasure.

A few notes about this offer from our worried attorney:

  • Please allow 24 hours for reward points to be posted by our system
  • You may use your points for anything at However, SAF Points may only be redeemed for merchandise. SAF Reward Points do not have any cash value
  • Any points issued against orders that are subsequently returned will be deducted from user's account.
  • Friends & family members must register user referrals at time of membership. No point credit may be given for past purchases
  • All points expire 5 years from date of issue
  • Requirements and regulations may differ in your locale. SendAFrame reserves the right to reduce or revise program to whatever limit is required to accommodate these laws
  • By participating in this program, user agrees to be bound by all terms of use by SendAFrame, Inc. and indemnifies SendAFrame at all times against any and all actions
  • SendAFrame reserves the right to alter, revise, or end this program at its own discretion, in any manner, at any time, without notification

That's it.

Simple and easy . . .
. . . just like SendAFrame has made personalized gift giving.

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