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SendAFrame Help & FAQs

Traditional anniversary gifts


First Paper
Second Cotton
Third Leather
Fourth Fruit/Flowers
Fifth Wood
Sixth Iron
Seventh Copper
Eighth Bronze
Ninth Ceramic
Tenth Aluminum
Eleventh Steel
Twelfth Silk
Thirteenth Lace
Fourteenth Ivory
Fifteenth Crystal
Twentieth China
Twenty-Fifth Silver
Thirtieth Pearl
Thirty-Fifth Coral
Fortieth Ruby
Forty-Fifth Sapphire
Fiftieth Gold
Fifty-fifth Emerald
Sixtieth Diamond

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Modern anniversary gifts


First Clocks
Second China
Third Crystal/Glass
Fourth Appliances
Fifth Silverware
Sixth Candy/Iron
Seventh Desk Sets
Eighth Bronze/Pottery
Ninth Linen/Lace
Tenth Leather
Eleventh Jewelry
Twelfth Pearls
Thirteenth Textiles/Furs
Fourteenth Gold Jewelry
Fifteenth Watches
Twentieth Platinum
Twenty-Fifth Silver
Thirtieth Diamond
Thirty-Fifth Jade
Fortieth Ruby
Forty-Fifth Sapphire
Fiftieth Gold
Fifty-fifth Emerald
Sixtieth Diamond

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Our Top FAQ

  1. How much is shipping?
  2. What is your Return Policy?
  3. Problems logging-in to SendAFrame
  4. Passwords
  5. Trouble Seeing Shared Online Photo Albums
  6. Pop-up Windows on SAF
  7. Cookie Problems
  8. What is a BBB rating? Why is it important?
  9. Wood vs MDF (Engineered wood)
  10. What types of woods does SendAFrame offer in frames?
  11. What is the difference between the different METAL types?
  12. What is so special about leather albums?
  13. Why buy a Brand-Name frame?
  14. Every picture I ever took is on my phone. Why SendAFrame ?
  15. What is archival storage? Should I care?
  16. Why a frame as a gift?
  17. What is a Gallery Wall? How can I make one?
  18. Do I need to use a mat in my frame?
  19. Do people still use photo albums?
  20. Some frames are described as Shadow Box. What is a shadow box?
  21. What is a FLOAT frame?
  22. Lots of different type of albums. What is the difference?
  23. What do the measurements mean when describing photo frames?
  24. Wood vs Plastic frame material
  25. Engraving takes time and cost more. Why bother?
  26. Why Archival?
  27. Are picture frames good gifts?
  28. Every photo I`ve ever taken is on my phone. Why print any?
  29. Why can`t I pop your bubble wrap packing?
  30. How many photos are best saved in a photo album?
  31. Is a picture frame a good wedding gift?
  32. What are paper photo mounts?
  33. Ready-Made vs Custom-Cut frames
  34. What size photo frame is best for gift giving?
  35. What is a Rabbet?
  36. Why no Digital Frames at SendAFrame?
  37. Its Glass - do I need to worry?
  38. How are frames measured and described?
  39. Signs of a Good E-commerce Store
  40. Sentimental Frames vs Paper Greeting Cards
  41. The longevity of the black frame
  42. How to Frame and Display a Triptych or Diptych
  43. Frame Children's Art for Mother's Day
  44. Key points for creating an impressive Wall Gallery
  45. Why does SendAFrame ship exclusively with FedEx?

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