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SendAFrame Help & FAQs

President's Message

Congratulations on discovering™, a frame and photo album shopping solution born by the marriage of the internet and digital photography.

The SendAFrame revolution began in 1999 when we first discovered the power of colorful photographs in coordinated picture frames. A beautifully designed frame and a good photo work magically together.

Frames, The Comfort Gift

Everyone wants to give gifts that show personal care in selection and taste. SendAFrame lets you be creative and save time, expense, and energy filling your gift needs. Fast, reliable, and special!

People have a lot of frames on their desk, tables, and living areas. Sound like you? Would you get upset if you receive another? Of course not! Framed pictures are cherished and adored!

NJ Heaquarters & one of our distribution creates frames with suppliers who believe passionately that natural materials are best. Gorgeous, hand created frames of the finest, select materials and workmanship. Created by fashion designers and artisans to enhance your life - and of those you want to please.

Quest for Quality

Hand lacquered, matched grain fine woods. High polished and textured, pit-free metals. The finest of papers and backings. Processed prints prepared completely with fresh Kodak® chemicals, papers, and ultra-modern equipment for the perfect look. All acid free for generations of enjoyment. Prepared by professionally trained photolab experts.

Traditional values in a hectic world.

Service above your expectations

I know that if you have read this far, you are curious to know who you are doing business with.  SendAFrame is managed and staffed by honest, hard working individuals with the integrity and smarts to have developed a large following since our beginning in 1999.

We will not permit any substandard performance on an order or request to ruin that trust.  You can count on it.

Our team is very aware that our continued success depends on your complete satisfaction. We love to know that you, and your recipient, are pleased with our efforts. And how we might improve.

If you would like to speak to me or my colleagues about anything to do with, please contact me at (if not clickable, please copy/paste into your email program) for immediate attention.

It is a pleasure to get to know you!

Steve Bochner
Managing Director

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Quick reference

How to contact us

Need a different color or size? Can't find what you want? Have a question?

If you don't find the information you need in our Customer Support pages, you can contact a representative in 3 easy (and 1 not so easy) ways:

    Look for our LIVE HELP ONLINE link at the top of our pages at throughout the business day. Our very knowledgeable, Employee Customer Service representatives are on-line to assist in orders, returns, and other service issues.
  2. Email
    E-mail your question(s) to (if not clickable, copy/paste into your email program). Please be sure to include your order # in the subject line if you have one. This email address passes to our customer service area during normal business hours and our manager-on-duty at ALL other times. Your question or request will be personally and professionally handled - usually with surprising speed.
  3. Call our service center,  toll-free, during all business hours: + 866-736-3237 (866-SENDAFRame)
  4. Telefax any written notes or questions, in confidence, to: + 201-355-1501

  5. You may, of course, send us your inquiries by US Postal Mail (and we will be very impressed!).
    Our headquarters' address is:

    Send A Frame, Inc.
    800 Central Blvd - Building B
    Carlstadt, NJ 07072 USA

Please note that we can not accept any packages unless the procedures of our MERCHANDISE area are adhered to. We apologize in advance, but we will not accept parcels shipped to SendAFrame without prior authorization. Any such arrivals will be returned to the sender at sender's expense. Thank you for your understanding.

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Business development inquiries

If you have questions regarding business development, strategic partnerships or online advertising, please email us at  (if not clickable, please copy/paste into your email program)

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Corporate sales inquiries

SendAFrame has innovative and stylish corporate gift programs that will let you, almost effortlessly, give and send personalized gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Corporate pricing available.

If you have questions about corporate sales, please use our LIVE HELP option for smart answers to your important questions. Or, you can call our corporate sales director:

toll-free: + 866-736-3237 x12 (866-SENDAFRAME x12)
email us at:  (if not clickable, please copy/paste into your email program)

If you need fast, efficent assistance outside of normal business hours, e-Mail is preferable.

Written corporate sales inquiries can be addressed to the following address:

Send A Frame, Inc.
800 Central Blvd - Building B
Carlstadt, NJ 07072 USA
FX: 201-355-1501

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Merchandise vendor inquiries

If you are interested in submitting a product for our consideration, please send your catalog, brochure, photos or product (including a current price list) to:

Send A Frame, Inc.
Merchandising Coordinator
800 Central Blvd - Building B
Carlstadt, NJ   07072 USA
  (if not clickable, please copy/paste into your email program)

Please note that we are unable to return samples unless you include a self-addressed, pre-paid shipping label. We will contact you for further information regarding your product should we have any questions.

Our merchandising staff will be very pleased to make an appointment to discuss items that would enhance our quality offerings to our customers.

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