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Setting your monitor for better shopping

Monitor Calibration

To help give you a more accurate view of product colors on, use the graduated bar below to adjust your monitor. Follow the three simple steps below the bar:




First, adjust screen contrast to maximum, then reduce it until you see a separation between the white (farthest left) and the light gray blocks next to it.

Then, adjust the brightness until you see a separation between the black and dark gray blocks on the far right. The black block (farthest right) should be as black as possible.

Finally, look for any color cast in the white and gray tones -- they should appear neutral in color. Monitors tend to have a magenta cast to them until they have warmed up for about 30 minutes, so if the bar looks pinkish to you, wait a bit if you want to see colors more accurately.

That's it! Your monitor should now be better adjusted for viewing products.

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