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SendAFrame Help & FAQs

Sharing albums

Sharing photos with friends and family is fun and easy with

Start sharing your albums by clicking the SHARE ALBUM button and entering friends email addresses into field associated with your album.

Be sure to customize the email message to your friend(s) before submitting. We suggest putting a word or phrase into the subject line so they won't unknowingly delete it (ex: Hi: I thought you'd like to see the family bar-b-que photos ...."). Your contact will get an email message from you that invites them to view the album.

Please note: SendAFrame albums are for temporary storage and sharing of photos. You should keep permanent copies of your photo images, especially in high-resolution, on your local computer and stored on removable media for safe-keeping. At no time, under any circumstances, will SendAFrame be responsible for any damages arising out of loss of images on the web home. All image files will be reduced in "low-resolution" quality if not accessed within a 90 day period.

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Photo Album Hints

  • You should go through the album and delete any photos that are not appealing. Anytime there are more than 50 'ish' photos in an online album, some people find it overwhelming unless edited.
  • If a picture isn't centered well, use our Cropping Tool to center it better.
  • Image upside-down? Use the Rotate Image tool to turn them around.  Much easier viewing!
  • Rename your albums to appropriate names so they will appeal to your viewers.
  • You can Set Order of Photos displayed by file name, date uploaded, or size of file. Choose the most appropriate or appealing sort order as this is what your SHARED guests will see.
  • Select a picture to be the Album Cover. This should be "appetizing" to anyone who will be viewing the album.
  • Once the album looks great, you can use the Share Album tool to add the email addresses of those with those who you think would like to see the pictures.  Remember that the email will be coming from YOU!

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Sharing albums with groups

You can also easily invite a large group to view your album. This is done by inserting a list into the SendAFrame contact field.

SendAFrame share lists must be either separated by commas or one address per line.

If your email addresses are in a program file such as Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, OUTLOOK or a program like ACT! or GOLDMINE, you will need to export your addresses to a text file of this type.

If you use Microsoft Excel, "see" the email addresses as a column of addresses in a worksheet. You can then highlight all the addresses you'd like to enter, COPY them to your clipboard, and then PASTE them into the SendAFrame field window.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you:

1) go into your Contacts
2) choose FILE
3) choose IMPORT / EXPORT
4) choose EXPORT to a file
5) proceed to Export the email addresses you want into a file. You have many choices. You can export to a comma delimited file and open in Word; you can export to an Excel type file.....whatever you are comfortable with.

Now that you have the email addresses, one after another - either each on a separately line (from Excel) or with commas between (called "comma delimited"), you can highlight the addresses with your mouse, and COPY/PASTE into our SHARE field.

Customize the SendAFrame email message that you want your contacts to read from you (ex: Hi - Steve here. I thought you'd like to see the photos from our reunion....").

When you SUBMIT, your contacts will get an email message from you (your email address) and an easy link to your album.

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