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SendAFrame Help & FAQs

How to upload a photo

Uploading a photo file to us is much like emailing a picture or file attachment to a friend.

We highly suggest that you determine which photos you want to place in your album prior to sending them across the internet.  Some members have found it helpful to first copy the files into one folder on their computer.

In our UPLOAD PHOTO section, browse your computer for the file(s) you want to put into SendAFrame albums. Click on the file (OPEN) and the file will be attached to the Upload program. Continue adding as many photos as you like (up to 5 at a time).

When you are ready to begin the transfer, click the "BEGIN UPLOAD" button.  A SendAFrame flying frame window will pop-up indicating that the transfer is proceeding.

Transfer times should be about 10-20 seconds per file - it all depends upon your image size and your speed on the internet.  With a little practice, you will have a good idea in advance as to how much time you will have to get a snack while the files are transferring!

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File types and sizes

The maximum size photo file you may upload to is 2 Megabytes (2 MB).  We maintain this limit only to eliminate web "mischief".  Many photographers utilize files much larger in order to capture higher resolutions.  We can handle anything you need in this area - please contact us at (if not clickable, please copy/paste into your email program)  to make arrangements.

We currently accept JPG, GIF, BMP and PCX format images.

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Transferring an image from a website

You can transfer any digital photo file to from anywhere on the world-wide-web that you have access to. Use the "Transfer an image from a website" button in our Photo Gallery/Your ALBUMS to begin.

To find the correct address of a picture on the web, "right click" on the picture you want and choose "properties". Your browser should be showing you the correct search path for the file.

You then copy and paste the corresponding address (link) into the prompt on  Click on "Begin Upload" button to begin the transfer. It will then appear in your album.  Please remember that copyright laws are strictly maintained in  Any photos you transfer must be for your personal use and not violate any copyright laws or statutes that protect the owner of the image.

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