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This item is no longer available.

This popular style was discontinued by the manufacturer as of 09/2014

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Model #: 12100173
Material: Glass
Displays: 5"x7" print
Orientation: Horizontal and Vertical
Our price: $95.00
Framer's Dozen pricing available
This item ships in its own box


White baroque glass surrounds the bevels of this beautiful frame with the hebrew phase, L'dor v' dor, from generation to generation.

L'dor v'dor is a phase in prayer over and over with the emphasis on the important of family and the support of all generations within the family. Our heritage is to be passed down from "generation to generation."

This lovely leaded stained glass picture frame is individually handcrafted for SendAFrame using traditional artisan techniques.

A fantastic gift of Judaica that becomes timeless with the addition of your photo.

This copyrighted leaded stained glass piece is individually crafted by hand (by the traditional artisan method) for SendAFrame.com by Stained-Glass Designs™ in the U.S.

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