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In 1909, Richard Haffke originally founded his firm in Dresden, Germany. He employed painters and developed his own workshop for frames and fine jewelry boxes which were styled according to not only the old masters but also to his own ideas and designs.

Today, the traditional workshop and company offices are located near Munich and are run by the Armbruster family. Beautiful designs in old European styles combined with high quality materials are valued traditions in Haffke’s company history.

This same dedication to detail continues as the Haffke company enters its 2nd 100 years of creating treasured pieces to display the important photos in life.

Haffke® is a "one-of-a-kind" manufacturer who has been able to maintain the dedication to these traditions.

Because of this European tradition, the pieces of past collections have become valued treasures ... with new production pieces sure to follow as the company introduces new designs twice a year.

SendAFrame proudly offers the entire line of HAFFKE® original enamel frames, crafted and imported from Germany.

To view the entire line, click: HAFFKE® enamel frames at SendAFrame.

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Rosa-Pink Enamel with bronze rose detail by HAFFKE™

Rosa-Pink Enamel with bronze rose detail by HAFFKE™

Horizontal and Vertical
$65.00   4"x6"
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